In 2013 world champion liu xuan’s husband held the wedding, gave birth to son “simple” in 2015, is a family business double harvest, is a happy woman.Hot air “that girl my house” in the latest issue, liu xuan invited as show observer, and everyone observe guest of life.   Liu xuanContinue Reading

  All know circle artists get ‘well, the more popular, the higher the income, so there are luxury cars is also normal, but often have some inadvertently exposed the star performer of a person of extraordinary powers curtilage interior,   Costly degree or surprise netizens, hins mansion recently let many net friendContinue Reading

Tencent responded to the blockade query. Why did Tencent block three new social apps? On the 15th, three new social software were re leased, namely Wang Xin’s toilet MT, today’s headline Duosheng, Luo Mou’s chat treasure, but all of them were blocked by Wechat. Ma Huateng clearly opposed negative energyContinue Reading

Wang Jiajuan, deputy to the National People’s Congress, suggested that when amending the la w on the protection of minors, appropriate provisions should be added to prohibit cosmetic surgery as well as Internet cafes for minors. Parents and medical and cosmetic institutions who violate the regulations should be severely punishedContinue Reading